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Brief History

While serving in the US Army during the Gulf War, Benjamin "Benny" Tibbets and his platoon were caught in the blast of a gamma bomb dropped by General Ryker, who wished to test its effects on humans. Tibbets was the sole survivor, and was transformed into a Hulk-like creature with superhuman strength. However, this transformation was erratic, with parts of him sometimes transforming while the rest of him remained human.General Ryker convinced him that Bruce Banner was responsible for his condition, having sold the gamma technology to the Iraqis. Benny went after the Hulk, but the fight proved one-sided and Banner was able to talk Benny down.

Benny underwent psychiatric evaluation under Doc Samson, but he was eventually recaptured by Ryker and tortured; regressing him to a child-like mentality and vocabulary. Ryker pitted Flux once again against the Hulk, but the fight ended when General Ross forced Ryker to stand down. Without Ryker's commands, Flux stopped fighting and broke down, reverting to Benny as he wept for his mommy.

Later it is revealed Flux was in A.I.M. custody suffering experiments. He was eventually killed by Grey of the Gamma Corps during a raid mission on an A.I.M. base.

Other Media

Video Game

Hulk (2003)


Tibbet was a former soldier in the army, before being transformed into a monster named Flux by a gamma wave to fight the Hulk. He is blue-green in color and is not deformed as he is in the comics. Despite his new strength he was defeated after being thrown into a force field generator.

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