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Changing Man and the technocolor dreamcoat 0

Changing Man has been up to some craziness that he just can't remember, but is he part of the key to stopping Aquaman and Wonder Woman?The GoodThere may be a light at the end of the tunnel, past this first issue. If Changing Man has to assemble a team to stop the Aquaman/Wonder Woman war, the book could get interesting. That seems like where this tie-in is leading to. Sadly, the promise that this book will lead somewhere is the only thing going for it.The BadEnough with the Super 8 ads, DC. You'...

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What Did I Just Read? 0

The Good: The artwork is really nice. It's got a good dark edge to it, and makes for some pretty memorable trippy scenes that suit the story well. There's a pretty good mystery going on at the start. The Changing Man is a pretty interesting character. His insanity genuinely intrigues me. What DID happen to the previous Secret Seven?  The Bad: Secret Seven? I mean, maybe this is about the mystery of who killed the Secret Seven, but for now I count only.... hmmm... 2. Seriously, what is the plot o...

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More Changes For Shade 0

Sandman may have been the superstar of Vertigo in its early days, but for my money Peter Milligan’s Shade the Changing Man was always where the real action was. Sandman was mythological, fantastical, larger than life; Shade was personal, a bad acid trip full of awkward sex, identity crises and poetry. Both series were great, of course, but Shade was the one that actually captured my heart.Geoff Johns must have agreed with me, because Shade is the latest Vertigo character to be assimilated back i...

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Shade the Changing Man Returns!!! 0

I have been reading through the Shade the Changing Man trades recently and honestly they made me really excited for this Flashpoint Tie-in.   Did this issue live up to my expectations?   Kinda.  Where my expectations a little unfair?   Probably.   Is this a good book?   If you have never read Shade before you can definitely pick up this book and know what’s going on.   It is pretty self sustained.   From what I can tell the Secret 7 is a group of the most powerful magic users, kinda like Shado...

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Meta What Now? 0

Are you a fan of Shade the Changing Man? Do you really even know who Shade the Changing Man is? If your answer is no to these questions, Secret Seven is probably not worth your time.  For the record, my answer to the first question was "no" and to the second "...sorta?"  This issue takes place after the events of Flashpoint's first issue where Cyborg assembles various heroes, including Shade the Changing Man, to discuss taking on Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Shade allegedly cracks from the stress o...

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A sense of slight Vertigo 0

For starters, I'd like to point out that I dont have a huge spot in my heart for Vertigo and most of the characters that make their home there. But thats not a barrier for me to be interested in stuff that involves them and let me say that out of all the covers i have seen from Flashpoint, the Secret Seven is the most eye catching for me. Things got even better when I grasped the concept of the team; magic wing of the superheroes that want to stop the insanity in Europe...whats left of it that i...

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Decent Issue-But Not what I was expecting 0

See I went into this comic in the way I told myself not to, being a HUGE FAN of Shade the Changing Man and Black Orchid I was hoping of more of the same. Or if different not entirly different stroy. What I got was a story using the ORIGINAL Shade, who Pre-Vertigo was incredibly boring but they took this boring character and upped him into something decently interesting. This comic also is clearly not going to be a Vertigo praise-athon. They took the characters developed by Vertigo into awesome c...

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Not as good as I expected. 0

Story: Yeah not entirley sure what it's about um all I can tell you is Shade the Changing Man is taunted by memories of dead friends and experimented on and might have killed those friends. Story: I'm sorry but this story is really really hard to follow and craz. Enchantress is a very cool character, so is Black Orchid, but I don't know much about Shade and this book doesn't help we know he led the Secret Seven at one point we also know he is a bit crazy.  Now I was reallt excited for this it wa...

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