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Not as polished as issue #1 but still a lot of fun!

"Flashpoint Deathstroke" #1 was by far the biggest surprise of the Flashpoint tie-ins. I loved everything about it from it's sharp contrast from the mainstream continuity to the crisp, detailed artwork. Issue #2 doesn't pack the same punch but it maintains the same sound structure and tone that I loved in the first issue. 

Jimmy Palmiotti's story gives us tastes of Flashpoint Aquaman's sheer brutality as he and Ocean Master attack Deathstroke and crew after his ship ventures into Aquaman's occupied waters. The after-effects of the attack lead to a restructuring of Deathstroke's crew and a change of his circumstances. All of this flows well in the issue but overall just isn't as satisfying as the first book. There's some odd dialogue from Aquaman early in the book and a few things really didn't make sense to me. But I still found myself immersed in this alternate world and I still love the entire concept of pirate Deathstroke. 

Joe Bennett's artwork fits this type of book and nicely compliments Palmiotti's story. But like the story, even the art isn't as sharp as the first issue. Some panels looked rushed while others are simply hard to figure out. Generally the book looks good but it's not without flaws. 

I'm still fully onboard with this story. I had a lot of fun with this issue even though it wasn't as slick and polished as the first. I'm also worried that there's no way this book can fully conclude with only one issue remaining. But I'm a Jimmy Palmiotti fan and I feel comfortable with the final issue in his hands. This is still one of my favorite Flashpoint tie-in books and there is still plenty of entertainment value in this issue.

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