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The Flash Museum was originally set up in Central City. The city's citizens raised money to build it to celebrate the adventures of the Flash, Barry Allen less than a year after he started his career. There are many exhibits in the building and many of them are souvenirs from various cases. It even holds the Cosmic Treadmill which Barry would use to travel through time and space.

The museum is also very popular due to Dexter Myles is it's curator. Dexter was originally a retired actor who became guide to the museum. However the stories he told of the museum soon had him promoted to curator.

The costumes and weapons of many criminals would later be displayed, also would the adventures of both the Flash and Kid Flash. After Barry's death the museum began to follow the careers of every Flash including Jay Garrick.

The Flash Museum has on several occasions been attacked and destroyed by various villains. It was vandalized by three people under the control of the Pied Piper. The building was severally damaged in a battle with Green Lantern, Professor Zoom and Darkstar Ferrin Colos.

While Wally West and Dick Grayson (Nightwing) were visiting the museum after hours it was attacked by Gorilla Grodd. Thankfully Wally was able to prevent much of the damage to the displays by bringing the fight outside.

It was recently again destroyed by the new Reverse Flash, Hunter Zolomon.


In the future the Flash Museum will have dozens of statues of Flash Villains along with two robot guides Dexter and Miles named after the current curator. In another future Keystone City has become a giant Flash Museum and in another both Central City and Keystone City have merged into a Flash Museum.

Flash Museum Divisions:

First Floor: Second Floor:


The Cosmic Treadmill


Speed Shots

2- Faster Food 2- Other Worlds


Johnny Quick Memorial


Hall of Heroes


The First Flash – Jay Garrick


Action Showcase


Flash III Exhibit


Fast Friends


Super-Villains Row


Fast Friends II


Impulse Exhibit


Eymage Theatre

8- Misfits of Science

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