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Pretty good but nothing special


I was worried on whether or not issue # 2 would be as good as the first one but this is pretty good but not as good as the first one.

Writing & Plot

Basically the Blackhawks are looking for the Spirit, they find him, kick him in the balls a few times, and then interrogate him. Doc Savage then comes busting through in a window and takes one of them down. Of course his shirt rips in the process, one would think he would make shirts made of stronger material since they're always getting torn. This issue wasn't as well written as the first but it still had some good parts.


Rags Morales does another amazing job with the artwork. His best piece of art in this issue was when Doc just came hurling through a window. The colors by Nei Ruffino were once again amazing, he does such an amazing with it.

Who Should Read This?

If you like First Wave, Doc Savage, or The Spirit this is for you.

Final Thoughts 

This issue disappointed me, the first one was really good, while this one was good the story just wasn't that good. I hoped it would be but it wasn't, I'll still buy First Wave because I like it and want to see more of The First Wave Batman.

3/5 Stars

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