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The Fireworks a.k.a. The Human Fireworks was formerly a chemist. The Fireworks Man turned himself into creature made from explosives in order to acquire the "Golden WW," a statue which symbolizes the defeat of Wonder Woman. He attacked Wonder Woman at an amusement park, threatening to kill several civilians on a roller coaster. Wonder Woman rescued the civilians and flew off, knowing the Fireworks Man would follow her. Once caught, the Fireworks Man blinded Wonder Woman with his explosives and transformed into a giant whirling exploding pinwheel. He then flew off into space, where he planned to leave Wonder Woman to die. However, while boasting, he collided with a stray meteor, causing him to explode, and freeing Wonder Woman. He had the ability to become a malleable energy generating being who could fly and generate dazzling explosive burst similar to fireworks.

Fireworks Man, Mouse Man, and Angle Man were members of the short-lived Academy of Arch-Villians.

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