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Elektro goes into a bank to make a withdrawal. He would like to purchase flowers for his and his wife's anniversary. The bank teller mistakes him for Electro and calls security. The security guards haul him away and place him in a jail cell. The guards think that Elektro is a master of disguise and therefore have him try on an old Electro costume. After he tries it on, they're convinced that it is, in fact, Electro they've caught.

They throw him in the mess hall where he meets various other encarcerated criminals. After chatting with the inmates he finds out that he's in the prison where all the Spider-man villians are "dumped". One of the inmates is, Legal Eagle and he notifies Elektro that he gets his one phone call. While placing that call Elektro gets the answering machine H.E.R.B.I.E, who finds it hillarious that Elektro has landed himself in jail and doesn't notify any kin.

7 days later Elektro is fed up with being stuck in jail and snaps--a wall to be percise. The jailbreakout is caught on the news and Elektro's wife spots him on television doing the breaking. She goes straight to the jail "warden" to plead her case and Elektro's innocence. The warden pleads for her forgiveness in an obvious case of mistaken identity and releases Elektro back to her custody.

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