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Fiddler's Green
Fiddler's Green is a place within the Dreaming, some years after Dream was captured by Roderick Burgess, he decided to assume the form of a man and made his way to the waking world to live like a regular person. It's in the Doll's House story arc in which he plays a very important role, helping Rose Walker to find his brother Jed.
When Rose Walker's brother Jed was missing, she was warned about the Corinthian by the Three in One and decided to traveled to Florida to find her brother; in the house where she was living, was also living Fiddler's Green, he was then known as Gilbert and from the moment they met each other, he started being protective to Rose keeping her out of trouble. When Rose Walker receives a call from the detectives she had hired to find his brother, she decides to go to Georgia, where they told her he was, Gilbert decides to go with her then. Somewhere in the travel, they have problems with the car they were traveling in and are forced to spend the night in the closest hotel, in the same hotel there was a cerial killers convention, having the Corinthian (a nightmare who also leaved the Dreaming) as one of the guests.
Daniel and Gilbert
Gilbert recognizes the Corinthian when they meet in an elevator and he feels that there's gonna be trouble. Then he hand Rose a piece of paper with the word "Morpheus" written in it and tells her to call the name if she is in danger while he's away. Gilbert was right and that night one of the asassins try to rape her, fortunatly she was warned by Gilbert and calls Morpheus, who shows up and saves her from the killer. When she finally leaves the hotel, being very confused about the events that has just ocurred, Gilbert appears carrying with him Rose's brother Jed, whom he found in the Corinthian's car, the Corinthian had kidnapped the kid.
Jed was then transported to a hospital, where Gilbert visited him very often. In one of the visits, Gilbert finds Matthew, who was also visiting the boy following Dream's orders. Gilbert recognizes Matthew as a creature from the dreaming and they talk for a while, Matthew tells Gilbert about Rose Walker being a vortex and they both go back to the Dreaming.
Gilbert and Matthew get to the Dreaming in the right moment when Morpheus was about to take Rose's life, Gilbert offers his life for Rose's but the dream king tells him that it aint possible, Gilbert then apologizes and says goodbye to Rose and reasumes his position as a place in the Dreaming.
It's in The Kindly Ones story arc when Fiddler's Green finds his distruction, the Kindly Ones are in the Dreaming to destroy Morpheus and they start destroying the creatures of the Dreaming, Fiddler's Green among them.
Later in the story, in The Wake story arc, Daniel brings Fiddler's Green back to life, but he refuses to live again arguing that if he lives again, his life and death would have no meaning, Daniel understands and respect his wishes and he ceases to exist once more.

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