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Ferris was a robotic minion of Magneto and programmed to be completely loyal to the Master of Magnetism. He worked alongside his creator when he masqueraded as Erik the Red during the trial of Gambit for his role in the Morlock Massacre. This was made at Magneto's citadel in Antarctica where he ensured that the court proceeded in proper order when the X-Men were kept as prisoners. The X-Men managed to escape the citadel with Magneto also leaving his headquarters where Ferris assisted in removing the Erik the Red armor though Magnus commanded the machine to ensure that it was not destroyed as he might use it again in the future. Afterwards, Magneto began his plans in ensuring the ascendance of Mutants by controlling the magnetic field of the entire planet through the creation of a polar tower that enhanced his abilities. The construction of the artifice was made by Ferris along with similar such drones where Magnus intended to hold the world hostage by shutting down all technology He dispatched his loyal minion Ferris to deliver his ultimatum to the United Nations. The demands led to the United Nation's gifting Genosha as a safe haven for Mutants. Ferris later returned to his master's side after he was wounded when his powers accidently caused a tear in the Earth's atmosphere that was only sealed by the sacrifice of Joseph.

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