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Best issue so far!

I think this issue might have been the best issue so far. While being introduced to Hippolyta, we get some pretty decent exposition for her coming back to life again. The character interaction is still the best part of the book, and the team is starting to weave together. What is especially good is that there is a great sense of fun dialogue and play going on.

Hippolyta of course steals the show, as she constantly butts heads with Valkyrie over Amazonian/Asgardian superiority/inferiority. She’s loud, she’s proud, and she’s obnoxious in all the right ways! She’s great!

The art is consistent, and I think that Will Sliney took notice of the complaints about the postures, as I don’t think there were any panels that made me think “Would some fans have problems with this panel.” Will also succeeds in making some great monstrous imagery when showing off the Doom Maidens.

Only downside I can think of was that the villain was getting a bit on my nerves. In my head I was thinking “OH MY GOD, SHUT UP ALREADY!”

Conclusion: Best issue yet. The team is going out on a mission, the newest character is a great presence, and there’s a fantastic twist at the end! I recommend it!

Also, another great cover!


PROS: Hippolyta is fantastic! The Character interaction is fun. VERY clever twist at the end!

Cons: The villain did get a tad annoying.

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