Fantomex & E.V.A vehicle issues

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Does he use E.V.A  as vehicle because in his pictures he's seen riding it like some sorta jetpowered skateboard

Uncanny X-Force roster
Uncanny X-Force roster
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off the subject that artwork looks terrible is that what the comic will look like

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E.V.A is an extension of Fantomex's mutant power.      E.V.A..
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Namor1987 as you may know by now (but i'll post anyway for those who don't) E.V.A. is a techno-organic extention of fantomex with shape shifting properties allowing it/her? to change size, shape and function.

most likely in the picture here they were limited on time or size so everyone flew out quickly and E.V.A. only assumed a form for fantamex to ride as the others were flown out separately

i.e. great big multi-person carrying ships don't navigate small tunnels well

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