Josh Trank officially going to direct Fantastic Four movie reboot

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After months of rumors, Josh Trank (who previously directed Chronicle) has officially been set to direct Fox's movie reboot of the Fantastic Four. Deadline also says that they plan to put it out after the sequels to Wolverine and First Class.

They go on to mention that 30 Days of Night Director David Slade has dropped out of the purposed Daredevil movie reboot. Fox has a script that they like and are currently looking for a new director, but if they do not get into production by fall the movie rights to Daredevil go back to Marvel.

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Lol who would imagine that this forum has some of the biggest drama queens in all of the Internet. I look forward to the movie

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Lets just hope it's better then the last 2 pieces of shit. And before anyone says "But it followed the spirit of the comic" Shut up it didn't. The two films sucked worse then Ang Lee's Hulk, The characters are all unlikeable, They do absolutely NOTHING in the the films and just bicker at one another, The villains were a complete betrayal from their comic book counterparts and just plain sucked, There was nothing interesting going on and lastly Jessica Alba.

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only thing good about the old ff films was that jessica alba was hot.

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Are the FF even interesting enough to make a movie out of?

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Well, it's sad that Marvel/Disney won't be getting those rights anytime soon. I'd kill to see Hulk vs. Thing on the big screen.

BUT, I'm looking forward to what Trank will do with the team. I absolutely loved Chronicle, and his direction style is awesome. I doubt that they'd go with a "found footage" style with this one, but I'd be intrigued to find out if it was. Either way, the FF is one of my favorite superhero groups in comics period, so it's nice to see them getting another shot at the big screen (even though it's apparent that Fox is only going through with it to keep the rights). Hopefully that won't effect how the movie was like how, in my opinion, it effected Sony's last Spider-Man movie. If X-Men: First Class taught me anything, however, it's that great superhero films can be made quickly by people who know what they're doing. Trank's a great director, and I think he knows what he's doing. That being said, I'm looking forward to this. :)

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