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The Fantastic Four are in the Baxter Building doing their own things. Mr. Fantastic is doing a scientific experiment using his Tide scope to measure the tides in the planetarium room, The Invisible Girl is trying on different wigs, The Thing is pounding on a steel punching bag and the Human Torch is throwing flame-darts at a picture of Spider-Man.

The FF go out and run into the Hate-Monger with ,The Hate-Monger was a fascist orator dressed in a purple outfit shouting intolerance against all foreigners and those who don't agree with him . The Thing is so appalled by his speech that he smashes the Hate-Monger's grandstand but the Hate-Monger pulls out his powerfull H-Ray gun and shoots it at the FF which cuases them to turn on eachother.

Reed goes back to the Baxter Building and finds Nick Fury (inbetween his role as a Howling Commando and an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and he wants the FF to travel and investigate an uprising in the "Republic of San Gusto", located in South America. Even though the FF still hated each other, They still manage to travel there on a pogo plane. The Hate Monger suspects where there going and follows them in his sub-surface missile. When they get there, amidst the stereotypical South American jungles they battle a fascist army. While Reed searches for an antidote to the Hate-Ray he encounters the Hate-Monger in his lair. There he finds out that the Hate-Monger had a plan to bounce his Hate-Ray off of the moon and angle it to hit any place on Earth (which is why Reed was noticing changes in the tide).

Later, Nick Fury bursts in using his machine gun at gunpoint, he forces the Hate-Monger to give Reed the antidote to the Hate-Ray. While battling Nick Fury the Hate-Monger accidentally shoots his H-Ray at his foot solders. They turn on him and kill the Hate-Monger. Ounce they unmask him, they discover that the Hate-Monger is actually

Adolf Hitler!

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