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Deep in Lock 41 of the Beehive, Alicia encounters some of the organization’s horrifying experiments. ‘Him’ emerges from a cocoon, intent on the destruction of its creators. The FF pulls off their most daring rescue mission yet!

While Reed Richards tries to duplicate the teleporting bracelet that was used abduct Alicia, the scientist have welcomed her to their laboratory.

Alicia has been teleported to the Citadel of Science, where a team of men have created a powerful new creature, set to become a perfect being. Because it gives off a dazzling radioactive light, they cannot see what the being looks like, and so have brought in the blind sculptress to create a stone facsimile of their creation.

But the men have ulterior motives for their creation- they want to use him for world domination! The creature, however, knows full well their plans, and lashes out at them, just as the Fantastic Four arrive to rescue Alicia!

The creation known simply as HIM would later adopt the name ADAM WARLOCK, savior of Counter-Earth

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