Fantastic Four #605.1

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You think you know everything about the Fantastic Four? Think you know how this "point one" issue will play out? You have no idea. Be prepared for Hickman to blow you away.

The Good

When I heard we were getting a "point one" issue for the Fantastic Four, I rolled my eyes. We all know their origin. We even recently had the SEASON ONE graphic novel. How silly of me to doubt Jonathan Hickman at this point. I've enjoyed his entire run on this series so why would he let me down now?

Looking at the cover, there's a slightly strange feeling. This is supposed to be the Fantastic Four. They're Marvel's "first family." The cover tells a slightly different story. There's a slightly ominous vibe set from the beginning.

I don't want to go into the specifics of what makes this "point one" issue so different (and so good). One the recap page, the last thing mentioned is:

But this is a different story...and the multiverse will never again be the same...

That says it all.

Mike Choi's art fits perfectly for this strange tale. It's not the FF story we expected and his style along with Cris Peter's subdued colors really captures and enhances Hickman's script.

The Bad

Nothing at all.

The Verdict

When it comes to the Fantastic Four, Jonathan Hickman is my hero. He continues to pull out crazy ideas from somewhere and whether he's writing one of Marvel's most popular characters or one of his creator-owned series, Hickman sets it all up and knocks it out of the park. This issue will fill you with awe and a bit of sadness. It's one of those issues where you have to sit back after reading and actually think about what you just read. Hickman's story mixed with Choi's art and Peter's color makes this the perfect package. It's one of those issues that I will set aside to have easy access to for repeated readings. Throughout the entire issue, I didn't know where Hickman was taking us but I was so immersed, it didn't matter. And once you get towards the end, the revelation will knock your socks off.


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