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Written by: Jonathan Hickman

Art By: Steve Epting, Rick Magyar, and Paul Mounts.

The epic conclusion of Hickman's Fantastic Four is here - In this book it focuses on the final battle between The Future Foundation (with 3 other people that i will not spoil) against the Celestials.

Ever since Hickman started writing the Fantastic Four (in Fantastic Four #570) it took a whole new road from there on.... And it will end it all here in Fantastic Four #604, 2 years in the making, it's like Avenger's Children's Crusade, with a better schedule. The long wait is over and 2 years well spent. But it will all really end in Fantastic Four #611 when Hickman leaves the project and move on. Hickman knows how to surprise the readers, i should know because i read the past issues.

If i would spoil one thing that is in this book and it will be Franklin, this book is not just an ending to something but a beginning to one character in this book, and that one character is Franklin, Hickman showed his readers the true potential of Franklin, his true potential with his powers.

When i said a new road, i mean a new road, new material if you will, why because every issue there is emotionality, there is suspense, there is mystery, and there are surprises every issue since Hickman wrote this. The way this book changed with it's new material for such silly characters is like Geoff Johns' Aquaman where a character that is so despised (Aquaman being represented as the Fantastic Four) made it COOL. If you have been following it the you know why, it's a perfect ending all the way and yet is an epic battle throughout all the battle there is a monologue being said by (not gonna spoil but i will call him) Grandfather _ _ _ _ _ and that ending monologue is like Commissioner Gordon's ending Monologue in The Dark Knight with a bit of story. The art throughout the book is gorgeous, it made the battle look epic, the color of the lights, the people, the explosions it made everything POP. The writing is outstanding, i have already described the writing enough okay so I'm just going to say that it is outstanding

This is definitely my PICK OF THE WEEK.

and i will rate this

EPIC WIN! - 5/5

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