rufug's Fantastic Four #584 - Three, Part Two: Congratulations, Mister Grimm. You`re Handsome Again! review

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Handsome Grimm or Lackluster Galore

The acclaimed Hickman run continues as "THREE" introduces the concept of "Handsome Ben" in an issue that left me with mixed feelings. Although the Ben Grimm bits were actually a very enjoyable and touching does not seem appropriate for an arc that promises to "kill" or at least get rid of one member in Marvel's first family. Let's take a look at this issue: 
Hickman is great, his run feels like Stan Lee's classic arc on FF, one that basically created "the concept" of something we now know as The Marvel Universe, I make this comparison because so far almost every issue of Hickman's FF has been...fantastic. The current storyline, "THREE" promises to be pivotal on his grand plan as it will deal with a "casualty" in the Fantastic Four. We know something is coming but not exactly how or why, last issue began tying up a few past threads and beginning to create new plotpoints like Valeria's alliance with Doom among other things. In this issue although we get a nice Ben Grimm story (that I will not spoil for you) elements that were promised to us in this storyline, specially the fact that Silver Surfer just found out about the corpse of another Galactus are dealt a mere cliffhanger which quite frankly was a huge disappointment. Dialogue is very solid and the whole execution of the story was enjoyable and constant. I am excited to see what happens with the Galactus debacle and Susan's somehow predictable affair/adventure with Namor on Atlantis but really expect a lot more development on all of the (increasing) plot threads that were added in this chapter. 
Steve Epting's art was (as always) great but colors seemed toned down in this issue in comparison to the last one. I expected his art to be more vibrant and (yeah, sue me) colorful. 
Plot was slowed down in this issue, it bothered me that Hickman introduced so many scenarios on the last chapter and continued to introduce more on this one, only to develop a plot element that has (so far) no relation to the main threats on "THREE".
 Art  was nice but I expect things like color and inks to be polished on the next issue. 
Overall great read, I recommend getting the book to get a very touching Ben Grimm story and your monthly dose of Hickman Hype Cliffhangers.

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