etragedy's Fantastic Four #49 - If This Be Doomsday! review

The Punisher vs. The Fantastic Four!

The infamous 'fastball special'

In issue 49 of Fantastic Four, the action really heats up! Galactus has built a giant energy converter atop the Baxter Building, and despite their best efforts, the Fantastic Four cannot beat him by any conventional means - but it sure is fun seeing them try! Among other tactics, they use what might be the second ever Marvel use of the 'fastball special' (first seen in Amazing Spider-Man #19).

Meanwhile, Silver Surfer just happens to fall through Alicia Masters' skylight, and after a light lunch (literally - Silver Surfer converts the food to light), she persuades him to intervene against his boss on behalf of the human race.

They must face the trial of the Punisher!
WWE RAW, starring The Punisher!

Back at the Baxter Building, Galactus is tired of the F.F.'s interference, so he sends his minion The Punisher to take them out. This bit is almost comical, as The Punisher is a runty little toady for such an enormous being to have, and the fight that ensues between it and the Thing resembles midget wrestling more than anything else!

As for The Watcher - he has plans of his own, and sends the Human Torch across the known universe to retrieve the one weapon that stands a chance at defeating Galactus!

I have to say, this fast-moving epic is exactly what Fantastic Four comics should be. A blending of space-opera, superheroics and human drama! As an added bonus, the letters page features a letter from Dave Cockrum - in the Navy at the time - years before he would become famous as the X-Men's greatest artist.

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