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The Fantastic Four is having a hard enough time convincing Congress to stop a law controlling superhumans, but things really get out of hand when a secret device hypnotizes everyone - and makes them attack the team!

The New York congressman continues to accuse the FF of staging the recent attacks by random low level bad guys, but Reed responds by saying he would have made the device undetectable, and would have used stronger villains, since so far the ones who have attacked have proved extremely easy to defeat. Back on point, Reed argues that superheros do the things that no ordinary humans can do. Superheros need to be able to respond quickly, and superheros have the experience to be able to tackle powerful enemies, so registering them would only hamper their work. Strangely, several more men in trenchcoats and sunglasses arrive at the hearing (just like the villains who had attacked before). Susan stands up to speak next. As she does, sounds of a fight outside are heard in the room as the random attacking villains are beaten up. She argues that while assault rifles are unnecessary amongst ordinary people because a conventional invasion of America is unlikely, superpowers and superheros are needed because supervillains and cosmic threats are attacking all the time and normal armies are useless against those (for example when the Hulk goes on a rampage).

Reed says that the Avengers have proven successful for years without being registered, and a registration act would only hurt their ability to do their work. Just then the device activates yet again and this time causes all the people in the room to attack the FF. Reed and Sue contain the onrushing people while Reed catches the floating device and switches it off. The congressmen groggily recover and Reed leads them outside where they see all the defeated villains: Armadillo, The Owl, Orka, Man-Ape, Stiltman, Whirlwind and Baron Brimstone.

Back in the room, Reed argues that this silly incident is a strong argument against the registration act and the need for a quick respond to crises. He wonders exactly why they need to register super-powered individuals: to tax them or to draft them? He shows them a device he has just assembled that can detect possible super powered people. It shows that even apparently normal people can appear to have slight evidence for super powers and so might be registered despite not going around as superheros. At that the Act is tabled.

The FF go to their Fantasti-Car to leave, but Franklin stays behind with Sharon so they can go to the Smithsonian to see dinosaurs.

Reed dismantles the device and finds a circuit board that helps them figure out where to look for its maker. Ben puts on a Thing suit and joins Susan, Reed and Johnny as they go to Albany, where they find Dr Doom in an abandoned warehouse. Doom dismisses the Acts of Vengeance plan to attack heroes with unfamiliar enemies as he alone is the only one who can defeat the FF. Johnny blasts Doom, but it turns out it was just a fake, which then explodes, revealing the Super-Adaptoid. Super-Adaptoid has been sent by Doom to attack the FF, and claims he has adapted their abilities so he can defeat them. Ben then knocks him out with one punch from his super-suit, because he no longer has any powers, so the Super-Adaptoid couldn't take on the Thing's indestructible form and strength. Suddenly, one final attack comes from Water Wizard and Hydroman, but the two only fight each other and the FF just shrug it all off.

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