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The Fantastic Four's scientific study of a meteorite containing an alien life form is interrupted when a crackling blue globe appears on the streets outside their building. They attempt to dispel the thing, but when Sue is drawn into it, the remaining team mates all dive into the globe as well.

The globe is actually a portal that teleports the FF to the domain of the Watcher. He informs the FF that he appeared to warn them of a menace so dangerous it could destroy the universe - The Molecule Man! Apparently, the Molecule Man was a lowly worker at Acme Atomics Corp. who was accidentally bombarded with atomic energy, giving him power to affect the very molecules of the universe!

The Fantastic Four then go to fight the Molecule Man, but are easily defeated. They hide out at Alicia's house, and Reed works out that Molecule Man can't control organic molecules. They get Alicia to cover them in a thin layer of plaster, then get her to call the Molecule man to her house. He tries to change the statues, but the feedback is too powerful for him to stand. The Watcher then places him in a pocket dimension.

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An old ally has returned seeking to direct the Fantastic Four’s attention to their most dangerous foe yet: The Molecule Man. He has complete control over all inorganic matter, on a whim he could destroy worlds or even the entire universe. He also has a really cool look for a villain, his face is riddle with lightning scars giving him a fearful look even if he does dress like one of robin hood’s merry men. He’s a solid villain in a story that sadly is undermined by some fairly s...

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