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The Fallen Angels are introduced to the Coconut Grove life.  They acclimate, but are soon taken captive by the rulers so as to experiment on their mutant-ness.  Ariel is also taken prisoner, as she exhibits a very, very rare mutagenic signature.


Chance ran for her life, screaming in terror.  Sunspot ran to her aid, but stopped to laugh at the damsel in distress.  The locals of the Coconut Grove had given all the Fallen Angels a make-over, and Chance lost her tough-guy attitude when they applied glitter, make-up, and hair-gel.  Ariel sent Unipar (the leader of the Coconut Grove) away telling him to stay away from Chance.  Ariel and Chance began to discuss their plans when Boom-Boom walked up.  They distracted her with a little revenge on Sunspot; she planted a little time-bomb down the back of his lycra leggings.  His temper flared up, but he recalled the reasons why he ran away from home and slowly regained his calm while Warlock provided him some make-shift cover for his bottom.  As the three girls laughed at Sunspot, Chance and Ariel nearly let slip their plans to Boom-Boom but sweet talked her away.

Siryn and Multiple Man arrived so Ariel uses her space-bending ability to take them across town.  Boom-Boom arrived too late, leaving an empty doorway which she couldn't follow them through.  Unipar, however, began to flatter her and lead her away while giving a hand-signal to a couple of guards.  

Sunspot and Warlock joined the others across town, where the injured Multiple Man (who did not receive a Coconut Grove make-over) continued to work on the portable Cerebro.  Once again he accused Ariel and Chance of being mutants, especially when everyone's mutant powers had previously gone haywire.  Ariel sweet talked the Angels; she convinced them that she could not be a mutant, as it was impossible for the people of Coconut Grove to evolve.  Her space-bending ability was a family inherited trait, which was shared by her ancestor, Ariel in Shakespeare's play The Tempest.  She added that had been her reason for bringing the assorted Fallen Angels across the galaxy, so her people could learn more about mutants.  However, Multiple Man was overheard by more Coconut Grove guards when he said that Ariel's mutant signature increased while she was talking.  He then asked Siryn to give a small example of her power, but she inadvertently shrieked so loudly that the others' powers started to go haywire.  In the silent aftermath, Multiple Man pointed to Chance claiming that she was the cause; her mutant powers were causing the others' powers to double in size or cancel completely.

Just as Chance was about to leave, all the Fallen Angels were seized by the Coconut Grove guards.  They were all quickly disabled and Chance was held at gun point.  When Ariel attempted to intervene, Unipar stepped in and over-ruled her.  Ariel turned to walk away, but then Unipar trapped her in a column of pure energy.  The Fallen Angels were all kidnapped and about to be experimented on, purely because they were mutants.

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To Be a Fallen Angel 0

To be a mutant vagrant and be treated like royalty? Something had to be up.The previous six issues have finally led us here. Finally. Ariel and Chance are confronted. Finally. We see why these mutants were all recruited. Finally. The ending is interesting. Finally. I don't want to bash this series too much because there is some good to it, but it sure did take a long time to get anything accomplished. No doubt, I enjoyed Boom Boom's attempts at getting any Multiple Man attention and I enjoyed th...

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