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Powers are on the fritz back at the Beat Street Club.  Boom Boom's attempt to show up a time bomb has disastrous results, as does Siryn's attempt to disarm Chance.  Multiple Man is also having problems: first he can't multiply, then he multiplies too much.  While these problems abound, Ariel, Warlock, and Gomi and Co. search for a more comfortable place for their newest member, the huge Devil Dinosaur.  They rejoined the others by raising an adjoining wall into a large warehouse that could house Devil Dinosaur.  The earth-born Angels continued to struggle in their attempts to communicate with the primitive Moon Boy, and Multiple Man had a dizzy spell when he absorbed his duplicates.  The Angels are instructed to find food; they split up.  Moon Boy felt guilty that they had been given a luxurious "cave" and led Devil Dinosaur outside to help search for food.

Out on the street, Ariel and Chance taunted Sunspot by luring him into a local YWCA.  Boom Boom spotted a Madrox duplicate who claimed he didn't know her and began to run away.  Blindly, he ran into the street and was knocked down by a bicyclist.  Alive, but with broken ribs, the duplicate lay in the street with Boom-Boom cradling him, while Bill and Don chased away the cyclist.  

A few streets away, Multiple Man felt the impact of the bicycle on his duplicate and went to investigate.  Back at Beat Street, Sunspot confronted Ariel and Chance.  They realized that Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur were missing and went out to search for them.  Out on the streets they met the wounded Multiple Man duplicate who refused to be re-absorbed.  Everyone was suddenly distracted by a loud crunch.  When they turned around, Don was seen lying, squashed, underneath the enormous feet of the now-found Devil Dinosaur.

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