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Using his mutant powers of invisibility, Dilorenzo became one of the top assassins for the mob. Known only as Fade, he was more myth than man, with no one being able to prove he was even real.


Fade was created by writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, and artists Mike Choi and Sonia Oback. He first appeared in 2007's X-23: Target X #3.

Major Story Arcs

Target X

At some point, Fade began making moves on the Kingpin's territory in New York City. This reached its peak when Fade kidnapped the Kingpin's niece and held her for ransom. Meeting face-to-face, Fade demanded twenty percent of everything the Kingpin owned for the safe return of his niece. Kingpin firmly stated that his niece was worth eleven percent and no more, and offered Fade fifty-million dollars as an act of good faith. Fade accepted Kingpin's offer and also agreed to hand a letter to his niece that her mother had written for her. He was horrified though to find that the Kingpin had also left him a briefcase with most of what remained of Fade's contact that had been in Kingpin's organization who had allowed him to kidnap his niece in the first place.

X-23 attacks Fade.
X-23 attacks Fade.

The Kingpin didn't have a niece however, and he had instead contacted the Facility to set up and assassinate Fade using their operative, X-23, by playing the part of Kingpin's niece. Planning for his invisibility, the letter Fade had been given was laced with X-23's Trigger Scent, allowing her to track him by scent rather than sight. As soon as Fade held the letter in X-23's presence, she launched into a feral rage, viciously attacking Fade until he finally died a bloody and brutal death. The Facility extracted a genetic sample from Fade's head before delivering it to the Kingpin as proof of a successful operation. This wound up being X-23's first assignment for the Kingpin, after which he contracted her numerous times, including for the subsequent elimination of Fade's widowed wife and child.

Powers & Abilities

Fade sneaks up on the Kingpin.
Fade sneaks up on the Kingpin.

Fade is a mutant with the power to become completely invisible to the human eye and even to hi-tech surveillance equipment with infrared. He is virtually undetectable across the entire visual spectrum.

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