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Fables is one of those books that is held in really high regard by seemingly everyone, so I picked up the first trade a while ago. But it actually left me really underwhelmed. Does it get better later on? The concept is neat, but the art was nothing remarkable and the story was just "meh". Should I pick up the second trade and give it another shot?

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@neogreo: I found the second trade was better but I still didn't see what all the fuss is about. I stopped reading after that.
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And it looks like this post got moved to the impossible to find Fables forum, never to be heard from again…

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It's one of the best, most compelling, most emotionally moving comics you will ever read. I just read the one shot Fables: The Last Castle again just now, which is a Prequel (it tells the tale of how the last remaining Fables in their homeland managed to just escape to the Mundy world) Epic battle, in true Alamo fashion, those that stayed behind to fight and die to defend the last gate to safe land, so that other Fables could escape. The story of Blue and Riding Hood moved me to tears yet again.

This book as well as all Fables stories from Willingham/Sturges and pencils-inks from Buckingham/Medina/Leialoha/Hamilton & covers by Jean is one of the greatest most satisfying stories/series ever written in my opinion.

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