Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #1 Reviewed

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I might have been a little late getting into Fables but once I did, I devoured the first few trades.  Fables is simply a great book.  Part of it could be that I have a young daughter who was into some of these 'fables' and seeing them in a different light was pretty cool.  Let's just be clear, Fables is not a book for children.  The books is extremely well written and has always had great art in its arcs.  Now we're seeing one of the characters, Cinderella, jumping out of Fables and into her own mini-series.

So this isn't the Cinderella you might remember.  That is what is great about Fables.  We see these old characters given new life.  You won't look at the old stories from your youth the same again.  I mentioned my distraught when I discovered that Fables creator Bill Willingham wasn't writing this series.  You can see from my rating that writer Chris Roberson does a great job.  I didn't have anything to worry about.  The art by Shawn McManus simply fits in perfectly with the world of Fables.
If you've ever read Fables, you'll love seeing Cinderella taking the spotlight once again.  If you haven't read Fables yet, you can easily jump into this book and follow the events.  I really think you'll dig the idea of Fables once you do.  So if you're a fan or if you're looking for something different from the superheroes, check out Cinderella's book and see her kick some butt.
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I did have this on my list to check out last trip to the comic shop...But it just didn't make the cut. It looks cool but nothing really jumped out at me when I flipped through it...
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I haven't read Fables.... but this does sound interesting...  
like I posted under the podcast for this week I need to expand my horizons other than Marvel and Batman (cause I don't read anything in DC that is not related to Batman)... 
Since this is issue 1 I guess this would be a good idea to start....

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Good review G-Man. 
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@DMC: Thanks!
@sora_thekey: I love Fables.  Try looking for the first trade if and when you get a chance.
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That's annoying that she has such a cool look on the cover that isn't used in the comic. It's bad enough the art is different, but to have a different over all design as well. The disappointment is only compounded by how cool the cover looks. The cover art is beautiful.
It's almost a little surprising that they could get away with the Beast name. With the name both popularized, not to mention most likely trademarked, by Disney and Marvel respectably. Probably helps that he doesn't look like either.
All that considering, it was a good review. Well done.

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@FoxxFireArt: Beast has been more...beastly at times.

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Sweet, I love Cinderella.
@FoxxFireArt: As long as they are referring to the original, public domain Beast, they can use the character. They just can't put any specific, Disney inspired elements in there. While I assume Marvel and Disney have trademarked their Beast characters, the trademarks refer to the overall appearance and design of the characters together with the name.

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the Codpiece comic in the background, ha! 
Anyways, as a devout Fables fan, I already have read this, and I've already read some of Chris Roberson's Fables work (Jack of Fables #36, haha, awesome) and I will be reading his I, Zombie series as well. And I am very glad Cinderella got her own mini, I'm trying to figure out where it fits in canonically -because as an extreme nerd that's what I do- and I'm having trouble seeing how it fits in such a small time period of the Fables series but Bill is a consultant so I suppose it'll work. Cinderella Libertine was one of the best stand-alone issues ever and the cliffhanger only promises an action-packed second issue...the covers from new artist Chrissie Zullo are also exceptionally beautiful. 
Oh and I can't wait to see the upcoming scenes with Puss-in-Boots, Dickory and Jenny Wren...I always love when new Fables get added into the mix.

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I've heard of Fables but didn't know if they were worth reading, now I know better.

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