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The team land on a world were Dr.Connors has transformed himself, his wife, and his neighbors. The human/lizard hybrids could breed, with the females laying up to thirty eggs per month. Soon, the reptiles engulfed the entire west coast of the United States. Many cities were destroyed and thousands of people died until the government erected a great wall to separate the lizards from the humans. Afterwards, the Lizards developed their little ecosystems but somebody is out to cause an explosion that will kill them and also many humans as well.

The Exiles have to stop it form happening and they know that the bomb is in San Diego Bay and go through a jungle to get their. Along the way Morph is his usual self trying to get the women of the team to spend intimate time with him.All lighten up except for the Mimic, who is bothered by something eating him up from the inside. Blink asks what’s wrong with him, but he dismisses the subject. Once they get their they are attacked by the lizards and the team is separated and Blink and Mimic teleport aboard the craft with the bomb, where they find a once again human Curtis Connors.

He plans on ending the abomination he created, he is swayed from doing the fact by Mimic who reminded him that he used to save lives not take them. After realizing this he said he couldn't stand it anymore and committed suicide, which struck Mimic very hard Blink told him he did everything he could. The tallus tells the team the mission was a success and they are transported to their new mission.

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