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Open with a shot from the Galactus arc, where the Exiles had to leave the comatose Thunderbird behind. Nocturne sobs over losing her lover as the rest of the team can only look on sadly. Cut to now, TJ alone obviously thinking of John. Morph barges into her room, trying to cheer her up and join the rest of the team having fun. She curtly responds no, and Morph lets her know that she's not the only one who misses T-Bird and that the offer to join them is always good. He leaves.

Nocturne looks at the roses in the room and remembers about when she ha a talk with T Bird during when they had to kill Phoenix. She teased him that he didn't seem to like flowers, he compared himself to Ferdinand the Bull, meant for fighting but always wanting something else. Later, in their Alpha Flight mission, TJ and John spoke about Nocturne's homeworld. Morph comes up in the conversation and Nocturne tells T-Bird that Morph thinks T-Bird hates him. John admits he does, but then says he only envies him because he's free.

In a mission to Savage Land Thunderbird suggests they stop their relationship, even though Mimic and Blink are ok with it . He wants to face it and not seek refuge with Nocturne , to which TJ storms off angered.

On a world where Tony Stark was president he tried to make amends with the break up, and always wondered how a beautiful women like TJ would love a "twisted" man like him. She kisses him and tears roll down her cheek and says she wouldn't want anyone else.

Back to the battle with Galactus, she tells him that shes pregnant with his child, but it couldn't have been a worse time since their fighting. He couldn't be happier.He was going to be a father, and was determined to fight to stay alive to teach his child about Ferdinand the Bull.

Back in her hotel room, Nocturne clutches the flowers to her chest and tells the empty room that she can't fight without Thunderbird, and falls back onto the bed sobbing.


  • Ranked #91 in Wizard Magazine's list of "100 Best Single Issue Comics Since You Were Born".

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