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Pete Wisdom gets a message from an old friend "Culley" asking for his help. He convinces Brian to let Kitty fly him to London. Moira talks with Xavier via holographic projection about who hacked her information regarding the Legacy Virus. Xavier suspects Wisdom.

In London, Kitty and Pete touch down and walk through a dodgy area to get to Culley's apartment only to find him gone and the words "I'm Losing My Body" written on the wall.

Back on Muir Island, Rory admires Braddock's work on a new laser detection system while Rory displays a somewhat sinister disposition. Douglock brings Spoor into the room for Rory.

Pete takes Kitty to a bar populated by British Intelligence agents and spies and they learn that Culley is dead.

Meanwhile, back on Muir, Moira takes Nightcrawler, Douglock, and Meggan on a virtual reality tour of the Legacy Virus based on Cyclops and Jean Grey's reconstruction of it from their honeymoon in the future.

In London, Pete takes a look at Culley in the morgue and on the way out he and Kitty are shot at by Black Air agents.

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