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Moira MacTaggert sees off Rahne Sinclair as she leaves for America and a brief reunion with her New Mutants teammates. Douglock gives her an unexpected goodbye kiss, which causes her to explore her feelings for him.

At Wundagore Mountian in the Swiss Alps, the stranded Colossus and Meggan are found by Bova, and led to the citadel. Sir Ram, a knight of Wundagore, recognizes Colossus as an Acolyte of Magneto. After a brief battle, Colossus assures Sir Ram he is no longer an Acolyte and offers to stand beside the Knights of Wundagore against Exodus.

Meanwhile, at a museum in Kassel, Germany, Pete Wisdom is held captive by Sari St. Hubbins, who he learns is now working for the covert organization, Black Air, and intends to kill him.

In the sub-levels of the Muir Island Research Center, Kitty Pryde's missing dragon, Lockheed, is terrorized by dozens of unseen creatures, and it is revealed that he can speak.

At Wundagore, the High Evolutionnary declines Colossus' offer of aid against Exodus, instead teleporting him and Meggan to Paris, their original destination [TBC in COLOSSUS #1].

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