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Evil-Lyn is a witch who aids Skeletor as his second-in-command with her powers of darkness. She is vastly more intelligent than Skeletor's other minions, and while she admits that she is not as powerful as Skeletor, she readily confesses that she hopes to seize her master's powers and lord it over Eternia herself one day. Thus, she has worked completely independently of Skeletor on multiple occasions.

Her trademark is the magic wand crowned with a crystal orb, but Evil-Lyn typically generates magic without the assistance of any instruments.

Major Story Arcs

DC vs Masters

For more information see: DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe

Evil-Lyn is some how captured by the The Evil Horde, and is rescued by He-Man, Teela and Man-at-Arms. She soon convinces them that she is can help them defeat the Horde by helping them find Skeletor. He-Man and Teela go along with Evil-Lyn to Earth where then meet John Constantine and the Justice League Dark. They help the three Etrainians find Skeletor.

Evil-Lyn tries to back stab them but Skeletor stops her, claiming he needs their help to stop Dark Orko. She then sides with the Masters and Justice League to stop Dark Orko and returns to Eterina to help defeat the Hordak.

Powers and Abilities


Evil-Lyn has inherited magical abilities. As a sorceress she can cast spells. However, having sought more power, she has chosen to follow the path of dark magic. The strength of her spells is dramatically increased when she uses her staff to help focus her magic.

Among the variety of spells she has cast, Evil-Lyn has created large desert storms, transformed herself into shadows (which also doubled as a method of travel to egress dangerous battles), summoned meteor showers, and completely razed large forests turning the Earth into lifeless dirt. The spell she is seen most regularly using is an energy blast, which she usually channels from her magical staff, although at times she casts them with her bare hands.

In the 1983 Filmation series, she also shows the ability to transform her appearance, mainly for the purpose of sneaking into the Royal Palace or tricking different individuals into bringing her powerful magical artifacts. In the 2002 series, she does not utilize this ability, aside from transforming into a siren with the ability to control a subject's mind with her song.

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