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New York

Ernie has taken over most of the Eastern Seaboard of the USA. Washington D. C. and New York are in ruins and under his control. 70 million are dead and under his mind control. In Manhattan, he had his zombies surround the island so he could personally kill every last human on the island himself. He visits Lady Death in his dreams but of late he hasn't been able to sleep. With the East under his control Smiley suggests it's time to move West.

As he prepares to leave, a religious warrior attacks but even a petrol tanker full of fuel exploding fails to bring him down for long as his arcane energy heals him. It does however loosen Smiley and in the hand to hand battle Smiley is knocked clean away.

New Jersey

In a bunker in New Jersey, Drs Price & Young are in charge of the government's operations against the maniac. They decide that the only way to bring down Ernie is sever his link with Lady Death, the mysterious figure that he claims is the reason for his actions and many suspect to not even be real. Price laments that it was his Dream-probe machine that made the connection between the two and then later the Neurotech machine altered his telepathy so he could hear the dead instead.


Ernie meets Lady Death while in the dream probe and she promises to love him. He goes home and finds his telepathy enhanced and it drives him insane hearing everyone's thoughts. His parents abuse Ernest and in defending himself he turns and slaughters them both.

New Jersey

The doctors have a plan. They have a ghoul control device to neutralize Ernie's control of nearby dead-onez, a neuro-probe to connect with his mind so Mary can enter and kill Lady Death. But before that they will go to Neurotech and see if there's anything they can learn about how Ernie came to be created by their machine.

The Endless Graveyard

Lady Death is is in torment. She seems unable to control the endless graveyard which is the domain she created for herself in hell and is not happy about it. She fears that the influence of Lucifer is somehow behind this, despite her containing it for over 400 years.

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