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Sam gets his arm broken by Ernie's car as it drive past. Chastity offers to stop but Ernie says they should drive on as the mission is more important. She is somewhat worried by Ernie's seriousness about firing the nukes, she loves him but up till now its been fun and now he wants to destroy everything.
The Young's battle the dead-onez they come across until Billy takes a bullet to the shoulder. They have a decision to make, save Billy or stop Ernie who now has all the information he needs to launch the nukes. They drive Billy to a camp and find a doctor able to help but he is drunk and needs Mary to help with the procedure. 
Judy and Sam track down Ernie and find him at the launch controls of the nukes. Sam tackles Ernie as Chastity grabs Judy. Chastity whispers to Judy to play along and shot her if she wants to live. Chastity takes machine gunfire to the chest and stumbles against the console pressing the abort button but the console is wrecked. 
The couple leave as the nukes launch leaving a stunned Judy on the launch rooms floor.

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