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Ernie resurrects Ramsey as his remaining forces bomb the area around the fallen wall to take out all the newly created dead-onez. The presidential compound is stocked with bombers with warheads but the dead are bad flyers and Ernie needs someone who is alive to deliver the payloads.
Ernie searches the minds of the dead and find.... Billy.  He and Ramsey track him down and Ernie uses his mind to try and get Billy to kill himself and join Ernie as a full member of his team.
The members of the deadmind put Mary on trial and accuse her of destroying the dead. She defends herself saying she never meant to start the plague in the first place and the nurse who attended the procedure to cure Ernie supports her side of the events. Homicide senses Billy is safe for now but Mary is in danger. The Crazy babies transport him to the court house where they attack and rescue Mary.
Billy kills himself and becomes a full member of the dead-onez much to Homicide's horror. 

In an alleyway a boy with a sword is running with a young woman, he looks like a young Ernie, they talk as they run until they are both sprayed with bullets. the woman falls dead but the boy just looks down at the holes in his body, turns and runs again.  







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