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When the  Great Cataclysm drowned the Ten Kingdoms, the City of the Golden Gate was believed utterly destroyed. In reality, Cleito, Evenor, and a number of undines or nereides (sea sprites) remained within the sunken city. When the Nexus of Realities shattered (as a result of the heroes breaching the dimensional barrier from Franklin Richards' Counter-Earth), a portion of the fragment became lodged within the Shroud of Cleito. The fragment actually became part of the Shroud retroactively, back to the dawn of its creation. Knowing that K'ad-Mon and/or the Man-Thing and Ellen Brandt would seek to remove the Nexus Fragment from the Shroud, and thus desecrate it, Evenor made plans to prevent this from happening.Evenor transported Ellen to the City of the Golden Gate, remaking her so that she could survive at the ocean depths. The K'ad-Mon possessed Man-Thing transported himself and Namor (who had been sent to his side by Neptune to deal with the fate of Atlantis) to the Gates of Wonder and then into the city. Evenor explained to Namor, Ellen, and K'ad-Mon/Man-Thing that to remove the Nexus fragment from the Shroud would desecrate the Shroud of Atlantis' holy mother, which he could not allow. K'ad-Mon/Man-Thing attempted to take the Nexus fragment by force, at which point Evenor transformed him back into a helpless Ted Sallis.Evenor allowed Namor to kneel before the Shroud of Cleito, while the power of K'ad-Mon, via the Staff of the Creator, transported Ted, Ellen, and Namor into the distant past, before the sinking of Atlantis. There they traveled to the Temple of Cleito, where Cleito herself gave them the Nexus fragment, then blessed them in their continuing journey.

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