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Valiant efforts to rebuild their universe continue, as they keep producing some of the best superhero titles currently available on the stands. Eternal Warrior is definitely not a tale of capes and costumes, but it still maintains the high quality we come to expect form the resurrected publisher.


The issue divides itself between two timeframes, as the Eternal Warrior is confronted by his violent daughter in the present day Africa, while dealing with an Indian massacred in the 1877’s West. The scenes are connected by his inner monologue, who well represent his emotions and frustrations as we follow him in this tale. Greg Park’s dialogues and narration are sharp and to the point, perfectly encapsulating all the repressed anger and sadness of our leads, and the overall structure of the issue is great by itself, flawlessly paced, packed with a lot of action as well as character development. It’s a comic with a lot of meat and stuff to enjoy, but it’s never once slow, being pretty brutal and furious in its presentation.


Art duties are split between Trevor Hairsine, main artist, and Clayton Cray, who deals with the flashback sequence. Their art styles are rather different, but they work nicely together thanks to the different time frame. The present is immersed in the shadows of the night, the past under a burning daylight, both are easy to the eye, fun to read, and all the numerous action pieces are well put together by both artists. Hairsine’s faces are kind of iffy in a couple of occasions, but overall he’s does a perfect job capturing the emotions running through his scenes. Cray works wonderfully with bright colors, I remember being unconvinced by his artworks in series like X-Force and Carnage, where the deepest blackness ruled supreme, but here his figures truly shine.


Eternal Warrior is a great comic, a dense, satisfying read filled with epic action and character drama. If you like good stories, you’ll like this book.

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