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The passing of the title of Energax, sworn protector of the planet, is a sacred and celebrated act among the beings of Chisshagh. Hundreds of inhabitants gathered in the worlds largest coliseum to watch the handpicked contestants vie for the prestigious honor. The competition began, and then the arena exploded.

No one was quite sure what happened to detonate the stadium, but foul play was heavily suspected. One contender for the title, Hisshkul, was late for the competition due to vehicle issues, and was soundly captured and imprisoned by Universo (his quick capture of the alien suggests Universo himself blew up the stadium) for his war on the Controllers.

Under the hypnotic influence of Universo, Hisshkul and the other captives could do little to free themselves. Luckily, Saturn Girl was one of the Legionnaires Universo had captured, and her telepathic abilities allowed her to lift the hold Universo had on the others heroes. Hisshkul carried his own in the battle against Universo and his forces, and afterwards was transported back to his homeworld by one of his new friends, The Silver Sword.

Upon his return to Chisshagh, he was hailed a returning champion: that he had survived his ordeal was enough to prove to his people he was truly worthy of the title of Energax. Presumably, Hisshkul served his people up until the rebooting of the universe from the Zero Hour event.

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