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I'm been very intrigued with Amora for a while now, however I haven't been able to read ANYTHING regarding the character. I'd very much appreciate suggestions on stories that I should read to get more knowledge on the character (preferably TPB's, however I'm willing to pick up single issues if it must come to that).

--Marco :)

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If you wants something about Amora (surprisely for a character created on 1963 - the first Marvel femme fatale, her origin wasn´t explained yet, only it is known her real name and that she has a younger sister called Lorelei)

there is...

Secret Wars 1-12

Walt Simonson´s Thor run

a bit of Tom DeFalco´s Thor run

Warren Ellis´s Thor run, World Engine story

a bit of Jurgens´ run basically the Reigning Saga

Matt Fraction´s Thor One Shots (Ages of Thunder and Reign of Blood)

Avengers Prime 1-5

and soon...

The Mighty Thor 13 (on April 25 first part of a new saga) until 17 (on July)

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Are the Simonson, DeFalco, Jurgens runs collected, or am I gonna have to find the issues? I'm gonna try to find your suggestions on Amazon, and Midtown Comics.

--Marco :)

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Not sure but I think so and appeared some years ago, which I have no idea it is how to get them, surely for Internet or at any comic book store is more easily to find them.

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Anything with Spiderman because Spiderman is the best superhero to ever live. He can kill/defeat anyone else in combat. Forget Thor. Spiderman can cover Thor in web, rendering Thor blind and immobile, also making him unable to know where his hammer is. From there, Spiderman can beat him to death, or give him enough time to find Thor's major weakness and use it to kill him.

Spiderman or Silver Surfer

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