You Opinion On How Do You Think Bendis Is Writing Her.

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Sorry for the title misspelling I copied and pasted it from another website thought it was a good question should have read over it first,my apologies !

Honestly I haven't read ANYTHING since Bendis started writing,before he started writing I seen a lot of things that people were saying and they were predicting how he would take her downhill but I didn't base anything on that but after a interview was posted and I found out about Scott and Emma braking up and her telepathy going out of whack I decided I wasn't going to read anything until someone else starts writing her....I seen a couple of scans and I do admit she seems to have a little more depth to her character but not what I'm use to,what's your opinion ?

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@ApatheticAvenger: Do you have scans ?

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wow,she misses him but I feel like he's pushing her away !!!! it's obvious she wants to be with him but seriously Bendis is making her kind of beg!

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@EmmaGraceFrost said:

wow,she misses him but I feel like he's pushing her away !!!! it's obvious she wants to be with him but seriously Bendis is making her kind of beg!

I think it's more her trying to hold on to something from pre-AvX before she lost her Telepathy which she used every moment. She probably looks at utopia as her glory days because she was Queen bee and had the happy life with scott, while now she's starting over and rediscover herself. So it's probably not so much begging because he's so great but she wants that life back and he's a comfortable place for her.
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How is she begging? And She DID cheat on him, so SO what if she is?

I personally enjoyed the scans thanks @Gadai:

I might just pick up the trade.


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@Yung ANcient One: At least she understands Scott retaliating in the way he did. It feels like Bendis is actually writing thees characters with common sense finally.

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It started off as just okay but her character has definitely improved by issue 3. The only thing I still don't care for is the costume. Kind of looks like her and magic are competing to find out who can wear the costume that most looks like a BDSM suit.

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I think it's a little early to tell. I agree that at first he just wrote her okay and he's improved. Emma is my favorite x-character and hopefully Bendis will do her justice. Whedon and Morrison (especially) had the best handle on her and i really hope Bendis moves in that direction in terms of her personality and mannerisms but I understand that she's been going through a lot so I'm try my best not to judge how he's writing her too critically now. It's an interesting direction that Bendis is taking though.

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We’ll see the interaction between Emma and the Cuckoos in UXM #4, at last

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UXM is my first real exposure to Emma, so I can't comment on how he's handling her in terms of respecting canon and how her personality ought to be. But I can say I've found her interesting and compelling, and she had a brilliant little speech in the most recent issue. So at the very least, it's not like Bendis is making her unsympathetic or hate-worthy. But as to anything more nuanced, I obviously cannot say.

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@ApatheticAvenger said:

Started a little off, has gotten tremendously better (the conversation she has with Cyclops in the second issue of Uncanny was excellent).

Big step up from this.

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@ApatheticAvenger: But has she gotten billy clubbed in UXM or ANXM. NOOOOOOOO!! So I win. Rematch? I win again. Yahahahahaah.

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Idk. It's oh-kay. People seem to think as soon as Emma starts speaking with coherent grammar all of a sudden Bendis is writing an 'outstanding emma'. Well, not really. But I'll take what I can get.

Also I HATE the victim blaming in those scans. Why on earth is Emma blaming herself for her and Cyclops breaking up?

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@queenfrost_ said: Why on earth is Emma blaming herself for her and Cyclops breaking up?

She snogged Namor, did she not?

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@RaceAddict: Oh because its not like cyclops pushed her away or anything... >_>


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so exactly how long witl he be writing ? when will someone else replace him thats a question i've been meaning to ask.

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I really like how Emma is being handled.

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I enjoyed her in the latest issue. She's not really seen as helpless and powerless. Emma's always been a strong women, even when not using her powers, it was nice seeing that Emma in this last issue. When she stood up to the Avengers and explained what was going on, that was Emma Frost. She didn't need to use her powers, nor would she have needed to in the past for that specific scenario which was refreshing to see. Also, when Cyclops made his comment about her getting revenge on him, it was a nice humorous moment when she said her come back, it was very Emma Frost.

That being said, I like where Emma's going now, let's hope to see her interaction with the Cuckoos and Quinten be as good.

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I think Bendis is writing her well, I have like her in last 2 issues of uncanny X-Men

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I love Emma in issue #4. The Cuckoos/Emma interaction is amazing.

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