Is it me or does she reminds me of........

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Madonna. Don't judge me but I have been thinking that Emma Frost kind of reminds me of Madonna in terms of attitude and personality and everything else. Do you guys think so? I think Madonna was seen in an Emma Frost costume before NUMEROUS times. By costume, I mean the white dress. I don't want to say that Emma was influenced by Madonna but its just a coincidence. I mean Emma was valley girl turned into a rich high and mighty blonde woman with an iron fist who had a troubling and traumatic background, origin story, and character development.........just like Madonna. Also, Emma Frost did spoke with a "fake" british accent just like how Madonna used to. Wow, this also reminds me of the character Eris from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, who was also influenced by Madonna. Then again, Madonna influenced a lot of girls and the way she had feuds with other female pop stars like Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga reminds me of her and Kitty Pryde's relationship (Not as if Kitty is copying her, but the way Emma treated her ever since they met). My friend agrees also and the way she started that relationship with Cyclops reminded me of her dating young men. She wants someone to make her feel young. Well she is young, but just like Madonna, she has been in a lot of relationships. There is just too many similarities between them.

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Madonna is gross.

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@tacos_kickass said:

Madonna is gross.

Her and Emma both did have plastic surgery.

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No. Not really. And ew.

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And both having plastic surgery is supposed to establish a better connection? And Emma is in her very late twenties to early thirties and has been with 5 guys/relationships. Her old teacher, Sebastian Shaw, Namor, Tony Stark, and Cyclops. That isn't a lot by any means.

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Um, no.

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No. Not really. And ew.

Pretty much my reaction O_o

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No. Just No.

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