Has Emma Frost Reached Her Peak Mutation Evolvement?

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Now Emma's first mutation was that of Telepathy, this enables her to perform several fucntions such as thought communication mind reading, mind control, paralysis, possession, hypnosis, pain stimulation, and the creation of powerful psi bolts ect. Emma's second Mutation was done through Cassandra Nova, she picked this mutation from the memories of Emma Frost, when Emma was first learning her powers she would summon the image of a diamond to create psi barrier so people couldn't enter her mind or be able to read her thoughts. This Then allowed Cassandra Nova to allow Emma to create her current diamond form. 
But is that it for Emma has she reached her peak now? has she learned all she can from these 2 mutations and is it possible that her diamond form was not her natural second mutation so it is possible for a third to develop? While Emma is comfortable using her diamond form, she has yet to master it, for she can only change into this form via the wave which transforms her whole body, but we have seen other beings with organic enhaced bodies learn how to use there organic enhancement partially, will this be a possibility for emma in the future?
Another of my theories is that since Cassandra Nova picked that mutation for Emma it was not the natural direction of her original powers, now if one goes back to Emma Frost Generation X Days Emma actually showed more potential for Telekenesis rather than a enhanced organic form, When damage to the astral plane was done it caused people with psychic mutations to develop new skills. Now Emma had a Nightmare in which she levitated several utensils and then Synch later tapped into that power and floated people around the room.  So is it possible for her to now gain this power that has again gone dormant?
Now her power set is quite impressive at the moment she has mastered her Telepathy to high degree, her diamond mutation still needs work but she knows the basic functions but needs to see if more development can occur with this second mutation, and her latent and third mutation if activated will be the missing piece of the link, as it will allow her to have a transitioning power to balance the 3 out, for example using her telepathy first if that fails her telekenesis would be able to act as distancer or protection while she can then transform into diamond for heavy hitting. I still think if they choose to persue the original plan for her power development that it can still work, but this tertiary power would have to comeout at an extreme time where neither one of her powers will be able to affect the enemy for it to work with impact.
There i just thought i would blabber about it since that is what i thought the original development was supposed to be looool

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I like her as she is now but is an intrestig idea. good post

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@god_spawn: Thanks for checking out my blog.
@BlackArmor:  Thanks for taking the time to read it, glad you liked it. :D
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@kiss_lamia: No problem and since it's comics it's always possible she can get stronger.

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@god_spawn: Well i hope so, i mean her ambition and drive have been toned down quite a bit when it comes to her power lately so id like to see her get that back in regards to her powers :D
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@kiss_lamia: Gillen's got her down pretty good so far if you haven't read Regensis and UXM 1 & 2 yet. Considering she, as like you said, has been toned down a bit, but he's given her that attitude and confidence back and even shed some Cykes' hardened exterior a bit when he talked with her after Schism with a good back and forth between the two.

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I don't believe we'll see any further changes in Emma Frost's power set any time soon. For the more well-known characters stability (barring temporary gimmicks) is a much-desired property to make it easier for Marvel to license their intellectual property. We already got the diamond form change which seems to have stuck given its frequent use in the comics and more importantly perhaps, other media like movies and animations. Heck, even toys and statues.

If Marvel want to shake things up for Emma there are many other options that come to mind before going the route of changing her powers (again).

Giving her telekinesis I think would be the absolute last one on that list, as so many others already have the teke/tepe combo. You don't generally want to make the characters less unique. Having it manifest in the same way as the diamond form secondary mutation (due to extreme external circumstances) would also be going back to the same well again.

They might have teased it during Generation X, even if doubt I doubt they actually planned to go through with it. In any case, I can't see any X-book dragging up plot threads dropped so long ago and superceded by other developments since. It might make for a nice fan-fiction though. Actually, it would not surprise me if there are already a few written about this.

@kiss_lamia said:

Then allowed Cassandra Nova to allow Emma to create her current diamond form.

No, Cassandra Nova did not create Emma's diamond form.

The so-called flashback in Astonishing X-Men #13 was not any more real than Emma's many meetings with her "Hellfire Club" cohorts during the Torn arc (and a few times before that as well, but then only their "voices" were heard).

This was explained in Astonishing X-Men #18 where we saw that Nova managed to plant a "hail mary" into Emma's mind right when she tricked Nova into the Stuff prison in New X-Men #126. (Check the real flashback in the first page of AXM #18 as well as additional explanations courtesy of Cyclops, Beast and Wolverine in the end of that issue).

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it was suggested in generation x that she had telekinetic potential. if she's going to replace jean grey in the hearts and minds of x-men and x-fans, she might as well possess tk. i mean even the phoenix force tried possessing her once.

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I could only see them possibly giving her a diamond related mutation like shooting diamond shards or generate spikes, basically make her diamond form more battle ready

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Evolvement isn't a word. You might be interested in reading some of the X-treme X-men title, it features Sage 'jump-starting' latent mutations (which seems to be what you're getting at somewhat).

I remember reading somewhere that Emma's diamond form only exists in the first place because Grant Morrison wasn't allowed to use Colossus during his run with the New X-men title. Just thought that might be of interest.

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@Squares: I swear Evolvement is a noun therefore can be used in that sense. Cool i will  have to look through my issues again its been a while :D
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e·volve (-vlv)

v.e·volved, e·volv·ing, e·volves

v.tr.1.a. To develop or achieve gradually: evolve a style of one's own.

b. To work (something) out; devise: "the schemes he evolved to line his purse" (S.J. Perelman).

2.Biology To develop (a characteristic) by evolutionary processes.

3. To give off; emit.

v.intr.1. To undergo gradual change; develop: an amateur acting group that evolved into a theatrical company.

2.Biology To develop or arise through evolutionary processes.

[Latin , to unroll : , ex- + , to roll; see in Indo-European roots.]



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@kiss_lamia: Oh, hey, you're right, it is a word. I'm sorry!

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