Emma Frost's best issue.

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What in you opinion is Emmas best issue as a hero and then as a villain (not allowed to use the Dark Phoenix saga or the torn arc) 
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Best issue as hero is rather hard for me to choose but I thought her best time as a villain was in the first New Mutants series. Either the time she captured the team and Kitty (issues 15-17) or the second time when she tricked Magneto into sending them (excluding Kitty) to M. Academy (issues 38-40).

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i agree with you on the New Mutants issues 15-17 i cant agree with you about the second set of issues as ive not read them yet lol. 
I think that my favorite issues for her as a hero though was New X-men #116 or #155-156 or Astonishing x-men #1
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I think Emma is in her best in Astonishing X-Men and really Uncanny X-Men.

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the new xmen issue where she joins the xmen. or the one where she gets shot and shatters and it sets off the whole mystery and everything. no disrespect intended.  

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why is that disrespect? I though it was a really good idea for a story personally its not my favorite but still its a good set of issues. 
I do have a new favorite book for her as a "villain" Uncanny X-men 281-284 hwere she looses the hellions or 314 when she takes over icemans body

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