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i know back when Emma was with the dark x-men that she stated that she's an omega class telepath now. Did she grow on her own or did Jean nudge her that way. What with Jean blasting her with that small portion of the phoenix.

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Emma and Chuck had that power all along and I guess Psylocke but she needed a push AoA Jean.

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Psylocke had it all along, but her powers were messed from everything that happened to her. Jean undid the boundaries blocking her full potential.

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@GaeaPhoenix said:

i know back when Emma was with the dark x-men that she stated that she's an omega class telepath now. Did she grow on her own or did Jean nudge her that way. What with Jean blasting her with that small portion of the phoenix.

No, she was always referred to as a top-notch telepath. Which is what Fraction intended to get across with the "omega class telepath" label (also applied to Xavier ftm). Not really any relation to the so-called omega level mutants AFAIK.

I once made a list of telepathic feats/descriptions for Emma before this labeling happened.



White Queen era

Uncanny X-Men #129 - Easily takes out Storm, Wolverine and Colossus despite telepathic defenses taught by Xavier and Phoenix.

"Telepathic force bolt.. assaulting our minds! So... powerful"

"...but the outcome is never in doubt."


(Later she also captures Xavier off-screen)

Classic X-Men #7 - Long distance telepathic communication with Shaw (100 miles).


Uncanny X-Men #169 - In coma, Shaw speculates Xavier being behind it, as he's one of the few (or only) with sufficient power to accomplish it.



New Mutants #15 - Hinted to be around Xavier-level.

"Possibly on par with Professor Xavier himself".


This is course just Illyana speculating, but it shows the writer had it in mind at the time.

New Mutants #40 - said to have "formidable telepathic abilities" by Magneto.


Uncanny X-Men #284 - Stated by both Xavier and Storm to be a telepath in Jean's class. Xavier said he should have felt a psychic as powerful as she pass away.


Uncanny X-Men #312

"A telepath of the highest order"


Uncanny X-Men #316 - tears apart the minds of some Phalanx.


Generation X era

She was stated to be a top-tier telepath several times during Generation X.

Generation X #16 - "a psion of enormous ability"


Generation X #30 - "A telepath of enormous power"


Generation X #35 - "One of the most powerful telepaths on the planet"


Generation X #42 - "One of the most powerful psi talents on the planet"


Morrison's view on the matter


That is, Emma and Jean (before she got grew into the Phoenix power too much as happened slowly during his run), were pretty evenly matched.

Modern times (post-Morrison)

(But before Fraction)

In recent times Mike Carey is the one who has pushed her most as the powerful telepath she's always been described as I think, he wrote that remote fight with Sinister as previously mentioned, as well as the stalemate with Exodus, and having Exodus include her among the top five telepaths currently around.

And Carey has always been known as a writer with a good knowledge of old X-continuity hasn't he? As well as having an ability to use it well.

X-Men #202 - among the top five telepaths


X-Men #205 - Sinister remote fight



X-Men #207 - Exodus stalemate


World War Hulk: X-Men #2 - blocking Xavier


Secret Invasion X-Men #3 - Takes out a cadre of trained skrull telepaths blocking telepathic communications across the globe.





X-Men Legacy #216 - Takes Xavier on a guided tour in his mind (also said to have abilities rivaling those of Xavier on the recap page)


X-Men Legacy Annual

Before it was common for MU telepaths to compare themselves with Xavier but this Z-lister compares himself to Emma, he still manages to mess pretty well with Gambit though.


All of these (except the Legacy Annual) happened well before Fraction started referring to her as an omega class telepath. And all of them were written by Mike Carey.


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@nikbackm I love you O_O
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@Mercy_: I second that. God, Emma is such a kickass character!

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@The_Diamond_Prince: You're a fan of Emma? I never would have guessed ;)

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@nikbackm: Nice work *_* you posted everything we need about Emma Frost! :)

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