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Okay so i was doing some research the other day and was really confused about something.  I'm trying to figure out where exactly Xtreme X-men fits in the timeline of things.  I know Emma was in this series for a time but I can't figure out when it happened.  I'm assuming it happened before she left to teach in Genosha and the events of New X-men or I could be wrong.  Could someone please enlighten me and let me know where this falls and what took place before this time period and what came after?

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Claremont started on it in about 2000, i think 
and it took place before the whole Cassandra Nova thing on Genosha 
I'm not sure how it plays in the actual continuity 
but since it was given to Claremont to stop him from sinking their major title's, I don't think it necessarily counts as "cannon"
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Gotcha...... thanks for clearing that up :)

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hey, no worries 
I hope I was right about the dates
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I thought emma was at the school by the time she showed up in x-treme x-men, and im sure the reference the cassandra nova incident

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