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Storm and Ember
Storm and Ember

Ember lives on the planet Earth but in the distant future of a different time line. There are no more seas or oceans, but it is now filled with various exotic forms of life with primitive people and bizarre animals. When she opposes the tyrannical rule of the barbarian Ghast she is imprisoned in his dungeon, where she meets fellow prisoner Storm, an astronaut from present day Earth who has become lost in this strange era. With his help she manages to escape and out of gratitude she helps him to try and get back to his own timeline. It seems Storm and herself have feelings for each other but it's never actually been shown in the comics.

After they saved the world and restored the oceans on a planet by a strange machine they are transported to a different multiverse, where they meet Nomad, a red skinned man who becomes their friend and accompanies them on their journey.


She possesses no superhuman powers. However, she is in peak physical condition and is an excellent swordsman. She has knowledge about various technological devices learned from Storm. And she is a great survivalist.

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