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Elsa puts on the Bloodgem for the first time
Elsa puts on the Bloodgem for the first time

Elsa was born the daughter of Ulysses and Elise Bloodstone. A couple of years after her birth, Ulysses distanced himself from her and his wife Elise. Elise then moved to England with her baby, Elsa, where she grew up without knowing anything about her father, including the exploits of his monster hunting career. There, Elsa also began having dreams about monsters and vampires. Before Ulysses died, he entrusted Adam (a Frankenstein-like being that works as Ulysses' handyman) to give Elsa his choker, containing a piece of the Bloodgem, that grants her enhanced strength, speed, endurance and agility as well as invulnerability to physical harm. Elsa also gained possession of a lamp containing an enslaved genie that glows when supernatural trouble is occurring and can transport her to its location if she wishes.


Elsa Bloodstone was created by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and first appeared in Bloodstone issue 1 (2001).

Character Evolution

Elsa was created by Abnett and Lanning in a very lighthearted, fun mini-series in 2001, right around the time that the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show was at the heights of its popularity and the similarities are quite evident. Her sharp dialog, references to popular media/film/TV etc. and of course supernatural monster hunting, not to mention the contrast of her appearance as a bubbly, attractive young blonde, and her secretly being a kick-ass fighting heroine. However, in interviews the authors denied any plagiarism, stating that they were trying not to watch the show while writing the character. The series lasted four issues. Elsa next appeared in 2006 in Nextwave: Agents of HATE, a series created by Warren Ellis with the intention of being out of continuity, so that he could have essentially free-reign to write as crazy and hilarious a story as he wanted. Elsa is now a no-nonsense, violent, somewhat arrogant, manic superhero. Elsa's appearance accordingly changes from mildly cheesecake in the Bloodstone series to a new, older version where she now has orange hair, and wears a big trench-coat. But the popularity of the series somehow led to its awkwardly being inserted into mainstream Marvel continuity, with all the odd flashbacks and incorrect memories of the characters explained away as memory-tampering by H.A.T.E. and the villains all being clones or copies of some kind. Elsa had a brief appearance aside in her previous, blonde look in the Marvel Knights series Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas, but the series was canceled after only 2 issues. Elsa's orange haired look is now a part of Marvel canon.

Major Story Arcs


When Elsa and Elise find out about Ulysses' death they fly out to his estate in Boston. They arrive at the Bloodstone estate and are given a tour by Charles Barnabas (secretly a good pure blood vampire), who is the lawyer and executor of the estate. When Elsa explores the estate, against her mother's wishes, she finds a hidden chamber. There Adam explains Elsa's legacy and heritage to her and gives her the choker. A genie lamp in the chamber starts flashing and Elsa rubs it. She is then transported to Bosnia right in front of Dracula who is seemingly being pursued by some sort of special-ops soldiers. Dracula recognizes the Bloodgem and starts to close in on Elsa. The Bloodgem blasts Dracula away and Dracula is staked and caught by the soldiers, who are actually servants of Nosferatu (another vampire). Adam arrives and brings Elsa back to the estate.


Elsa accepts the mantle her father left for her and so Elsa turns into a monster hunter, but she has to keep it a secret from her mother. Adam designs a costume for Elsa tailored like her father's (but seemingly to maximize upon her already impressive cleavage, much to Adam's delight). The lamp flashes again and Elsa and Adam begin another mission. This time the lamp teleports them to Egypt where they meet N'Kantu, the Living Mummy. They enter the pyramid to stop whatever is happening, leaving N'Kantu behind to keep guard, and giving N'Kantu the gifts of modern slang. Elsa and Adam figure out that Nosferatu had captured Dracula and was trying to become powerful by sacrificing Dracula and other powerful "pure blood" vampires including their own Barnabas. Elsa confronts Nosferatu and battles him, but Nosferatu is able to bite Elsa in the neck. However, the Bloodgem energy in her blood hurts him and while Nosferatu is reeling from the pain, Dracula and Adam open a hatch in the roof to expose Nosferatu to sunlight, killing him.

Elsa moves to the Bloodstone estate with her mother and Adam. Elsa begins blogging about the monsters she has hunted and makes an encyclopedia about all the monsters she kills in the Marvel Universe. Her first series of adventures ends with them setting out to combat a kraken.


Elsa's twin Uzis
Elsa's twin Uzis

Elsa would later join H.A.T.E. as part of their Nextwave squad, claiming that she comes from a long line of near immortal monster hunters (she later clarifies she is "second in a long line" of monster hunters stretching back thousands of years; i.e., her dad and herself). When she talks about her past, it appears to differ radically from previous accounts, for example, she claims that she was trained by her father when she was young, such as dropping her into a pit with a monster as a toddler armed only with a spoon and that when her parents were absent she was trained by a robot/torture device called "Hate Mother". "Civil War: Damage Report" states that this discrepancy is because the memories and personalities of Nextwave members were altered by H.A.T.E. and the Beyond Corporation. Her costume is now different, she has a much more no nonsense character and her hair color is changed from blonde to orange/red. Elsa seems to have a strong rapport with Nextwave teammate The Captain, though whether this is just a friendly bond or anything more is open to interpretation. The team travel across the country destroying Bizarre or Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction. These are mainly copies or strangely similar imitations of well-known Marvel villains, like a clone of Fin Fang Foom, Mac Mangel - a man infected with a metal-eating organism, Rorkannu, ruler of the 'Dank Dimension' and his Mindless Ones, Beyond's illusionist Forbush Man and finally a (cloned?) Devil Dinosaur.

Sometime later, Elsa gets together with her teammate Boom Boom and they talk about their love lives and the men they have dated, leading to an encounter with one of Elsa's ex-boyfriends, Franken's Teen, who Boom Boom blows into pieces. After that, Boom Boom and Elsa continue to hang out and talk about what it would be like to be super-villains.

Other Adventures

After her exploits with Nextwave, Elsa returns to her monster hunting ways. She hunts down the Children of Goram, offspring of a monster her father fought years before, in Prague. She is impregnated by one of the monsters, but the Bloodgem kills the offspring while it's inside her and she pukes it up. She is able to kill all the Children of Goram and in the end vows to kill all monsters before she dies (also vowing to be the last of the Bloodstone line, never to have a child).

Before the events of World War Hulks, Elsa fights alongside Robert Hellsgaard and her Nextwave teammates when a group of werewolves attack a town.

After the events of Siege, Steve Rogers, now the head "cop" of the Marvel Universe, writes a journal cataloging the main heroes of the world and discusses what makes them heroes. Elsa is said to be untrained and untested, but he sees potential in her. He also says that she still needs to be "watched closely, and hopefully she can retain her humanity in a very ugly line of work."

In between her monster hunting, Elsa becomes a staff member of the Braddock Academy, which is named after its headmaster, Brian Braddock (aka Captain Britain), and is "staffed by Britain's mightiest heroes." She along with others such as Meggan, Spitfire, and Union Jack hope to "make heroes out of Britain's best and brightest," which includes her relative Cullen Bloodstone.

Legion of Monsters

Franken Castle #21

Sometime later, Elsa joins the Legion of Monsters in regaining a piece of the Bloodgem from Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, when he is viewed as being controlled by the gem's "super demon." At the time, Frank is in the final stages of trying to return to his normal human appearance by using the Bloodgem fragment. Although she is beaten by him in combat, she is saved by Werewolf by Night before the final blow is struck. Frank is then talked into giving the gem back to Elsa.

Sometime later while investigating the murders of teenagers in Chipperfield, Hertfordshire, England, Elsa comes across a monster that has been infected with a virus that causes monsters to go into violent rages. This again leads her to help the Legion of Monsters find the source of the virus and destroy it once and for all. It turns out Morbius himself was responsible for the release of the virus. It was created by his (now dead) vampire lover, Susanna, who had somehow secretly implanted it in Morbius. The team release Farkas, the Dimensional Man from jail so he can absorb it, but he goes on a crazy rampage himself until the Legion can bring him down.

Meeting Wolverine

When a being known as the Dreaming Maiden started dreaming again, Elsa is drawn to track her down, due to her father being a member of The Covenant, a group that tried to kill the Maiden years ago but did not succeed in doing so, due to deception by the assassin they hired, Wolverine. This led her to search out the Maiden to finish her father's work which brought her into contact with Wolverine in the present day. It also brought her into direct confrontation with Covenant members Murderous Lion, Jefferson Chambers, Wyatt Crowley, and a new female version of The Menace. After the Maiden had been killed, Vanessa Baker, another previous member of The Covenant, brought her and the other members together to "get back to business."

Fearless Defenders and Avengers

Elsa helps the Fearless Defenders
Elsa helps the Fearless Defenders

Misty Knight and the Fearless Defenders call in Elsa for help with a 'Monster' problem in Chinatown. After the Inversion Spell cast by the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom to transform the Red Onslaught back into the Red Skull backfired and accidentally affected those heroes and villains gathered on Genosha, no one was truly sure who was working for 'good' or 'evil' anymore. Many Avengers, including the Scarlet Witch, had begun to take on more violent and villainous characteristics, while several villains, including Doctor Doom, had begun to do good. Doom knew that the now vengeful Scarlet Witch would come after him for what he did to her years ago. He prepared a special contraption that would entrap the Witch and allow him to tap into her powers. His intent was to use her powers to effect good changes in the world. He charged his goddaughter, Valeria Richards, with the task of putting together a very specific roster of new Avengers that would help him take on the Scarlet Witch. Elsa, who was currently working on shooting a reality TV show about monster-hunting, was visited by Valeria, given an Avengers ID card, and became the first to be recruited. Her recruitment was followed by that of Valkyrie, 3-D Man, U.S. Agent, and Stingray. Valeria went to Maria Hill for help initially, and the Director of SHIELD sent Agent Phil Coulson to aid Valeria and Doom's Avengers. Valeria, in a battle suit made by Doom, led the Avengers into battle against their enemy ... the Scarlet Witch! The Witch conjured up dozens of android soldiers resembling the Vision to battle the 'cavalry' while she sought out Doom.


Elsa's powers are partially inherited and partially the result of the fragment of the Bloodstone she wears. She has enhanced strength, stamina, speed and durability, and an enhanced healing factor. Her blood is toxic to vampires. It is not yet known if she is immortal like her father.

Not having any offensive powers, Elsa carries big guns. She owns some of the magic artifacts collected by her father, such as a genie in a lamp.

Alternate Realities

Earth 22791 -

Elsa is the mother of twin daughters, Maya and Aztec, who inherited her powers and legacy of monster hunting. She ends up being kidnapped and imprisoned by Mephisto which leads to her daughters orchestrating a rescue mission.

Earth 80734 (Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas) -

Elsa's appearance in Vegas
Elsa's appearance in Vegas

Elsa is an archaeologist who helps unearth a giant statue of a dragon. After selling the statue, she later travels to Las Vegas to investigate why lizards suddenly swarm the city after it is placed there as the centerpiece for a new casino. While there, she contacts and sees Tony Stark, whose father worked with her father, about the ties between the two events. When Elsa goes to the casino's grand opening with Stark, the statue comes to life as the monster Fin Fang Foom.

Forbush Vision Realm -

Elsa Bloodstone is one of a few hundred humans left alive on the planet. Operating under a self imposed Exile in Britain, she hunts the monsters the way her father did. Unlike her Father, Elsa only hunted monsters who threatened humanity directly. However, her Father hunted monsters with determination because he was breaking apart breeding pairs. It wasn't until the Cryptozoological Wars when Elsa realized the monsters weren't stupid, they forced nuclear states to attempt to sterilize their countries, and performed organized attacks on major cities. Now Elsa spends her final days killing the monsters in Britain.

Other Media


Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight
Marvel Future Fight

Elsa is a playable character in the game. She has different uniforms:

  • Elsa Bloodstone - Moderno
  • Elsa Bloodstone - Secret Wars: Marvel Zombies

Marvel Avengers Alliance

Marvel Avengers Alliance
Marvel Avengers Alliance

Elsa is a playable character in the game, and can be recruited by purchasing her with regular command points.

Her bio in the game says: Elsa Bloodstone was only a toddler when her father abandoned her with her mother. Elsa didn't learn why until many years later when she heard of his death and came to settle his estate. Learning that her father was a nearly immortal monster-hunter, Elsa inherited a choker with a portion of her father's Bloodgem, which granted both Elsa and her father with incredible powers which she used to train and take on her father's mantle as a monster-hunter. Elsa is now the expert when it comes to the supernatural and the things that go bump in the night. Curiously, a recent run-in with the Beyond Corporation has caused Elsa to question the truth about her own past.

Marvel: War of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes
Marvel: War of Heroes

Elsa appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

  • [Daddy's Little Girl] Bloodstone
  • [Monster Hunter] Bloodstone

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