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Cutter & Skywise in the forest of endless sleep.

Cutter and Skywise find an overgrown part of the forest and discover many giant cocoons scattering the branches of trees and along the shady forest floor. This territory holds and eerie peace to it, and Skywise decides for taking a nap.

Cutter, meanwhile, explores more of the forest. When he cuts upen a cocoon, an animal pops out. Birds begin to chirps and squirrels, newly awakened chatter, as the Preservers begin to notice that all of their work of helping creatures to sleep is being disturbed.

The Preservers

Eventually, Skywise falls asleep and becomes a pod. Cutter hacks through more webbing and soon finds Leetah and his cubs comatose, sleeping in wrapstuff.

The Preservers are Pixie-like immortal creatures, like the The High-Ones, who are the naturally-bred servants of them. They have arrived on the world of two moons and had enjoyed the splendour of the forest for a thousand years or so, merrily obliging Winnowill in the task of preserving the animals of the forest.

Nightfall meets up with the group, and Sun-Top goes off with Cutter in order to explain what he saw in his dream.

Finally, two humans were also caught in wrapstuff by the Preservers. When Cutter frees this pair, he fails to inform the other elves of good-natured humans, and the daughter of chief #onagar is nearly killed by the elves. This was a human couple who became engaged and fled from the chief's disapproval, sleeping in the forest of endless sleep for more than a year.







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