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Esteemed Science Professor Danial Webster dreamed of creating a robotic marvel to show-up his arch rival Dr. Will Magnus (who would later build the Metal Men) at the Yearly Show Off Your Robots Contest at the World's Fair.... Has nothing to do with this. Now, somewhere out in deep space, way out beyond our galaxy...... is a place that has no point in this story. Sheesh! You people get off topic so easily! Now somewhere in our galaxy, exists the planet Kath-4...... Which has no point to the stor- I'm just kidding! Here on planet Kath-4, Lived leading scientist Dr. Blafhghjhj -AHEM! Dr. Rakam. This Kath-4 had very different laws then Earth. Here, if you could not serve your employment to the fullest, you would be seized by the king's royal guards, and thrown into a cavernous pit, home to the Lerthrog, an enormous monster. No one on Kath-4 could tell you what it looked like, because no one could enter it`s cave and leave .... Period! All anyone can tell of it's existence were the screams of terror and agony and the venomous hiss of the Lerthrog as it seized it's prey, echoing off the cave walls. Anyway, Rakam invented one ingenious contraption after another, but they all seemed to be built for another planet, a planet with different needs. ( for, following the Infinite Crisis, many Monitors were spread throughout the galaxy, taking different forms, and landing on other planets, with no memory of their divine selves. Rakam was one of those Monitors.) After many years, with only a handful of Rakam's machines being put to menial tasks and most of them piling up junkyards, King Mazooolakimk began to take notice. "One more of your fluke-ups," The king said upon reaching Rakam's home " and you'll be tossed to the Lerthrog! I want something that is useful!" Okay you know what, I'm telling the story to slowly here. Anyway, Rakam built a super robot with an alien robot skeleton he found in a meteor shower that night, to destroy the Lerthrog once and for all. He called this robot Elektro. Not only did it do that, it also destroyed all of Rakam's failed experiments. But Rakam's happiness was short lived. There was a reason the robot was shot into space. It then proceeded to destroy the entire planet population, then mowed down all the houses and rock formations until the planet was a flat ball of dirt. It then seeked destruction elsewhere, then ended up on Earth. After inciting panic, killing Supergirl, Superman, Doomsday, Batgirl, Batman, Darkseid, Elongated Man's wife, Ray Palmer, A Monitor, All the Rouges, and Gorilla Grodd, All the green lanterns, Captain Marvel, Flash, Black Adam, and 20 more heroes and villains managed to subdue him, then blast him back into space. But he was never truly defeated. After beating Mongul in an arm wrestling match, Giving Parallax a noogie, Back-Slapping Cyborg Superman into an asteroid, Killing off most of the Blue Lanterns, Bottling Braniac in his own bottle!, He met his match with the Radiant. Like Doomsday, He was shackled and launched into space on a ship. He may return someday?????

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