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A paid killer. A key witness. A sworn protector. Three lives joined together by the sinister hand of a shadowy government. Elektra, the deadly ninja assassin, and Logan, the mutant known as Wolverine, are both best at what they do. But they just may have met their match in the other, as the two supremely skilled fighters face off in the streets of New York over the fate of a teenaged girl harboring a secret for which both sides are willing to kill. For the mercenary and enigmatic assassin Elektra Natchios, it was to be a standard night's work: to make death happen. The target: a wealthy and powerful scientist. The price: eight million dollars for a clean hit, no witnesses. When the target's teenaged daughter Avery stumbles onto the murder at the critical moment, Elektra knows the girl must be taken out at all costs. But for the assassin still haunted by the pain of seeing her own father's death, taking out a girl eerily reminiscent of herself proves to be more difficult than expected, especially after Wolverine is hired to protect the key witness. Enticed into the role of bodyguard by a reptilian government agent who promises to illuminate his clouded past, Logan must keep the girl safe in exchange for the answers to the questions that relentlessly plague him. For the assassin, leaving Avery alive presents a far greater threat than her ability to identify the killer to the authorities, it is the key to unleashing a force within Elektra that is so powerful even she never dared hope it exist. 







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