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Electryon is an Eternals who served the Damocles Foundation. He and his partner Astarte were assigned the mission of taking the type of energy Quantum energy that Moonstar was able to project. Later on while the X-force where playing with a Frisbee Electryon came into the area and fired a bolt of energy at it destroying it announcing to Moonstar that the world needs her help. Astarte and Electryon then told Moonstar of a threat that would threaten to destroy Earth and the X-force them selves as well. Moonstar agreed to come and Electryon and Astarte gave each member a transceiver communicator device and told them that there was a disturbance on and island in the pacific. When they got to the island the X-force were attacked by many strange creatures resulting in Astarte and Electryon helping them. Eventually the two decided to show their true intentions to the Force and took Dani’s powers and left the X-force on the island for dead. Moonstar however was able to recall her powers with the help of Ry’lor and went back to the island and rescued the force. Together they all attacked Electryon and Astarte. Electryon then fired a bolt of energy at the X-force but Moonstar was able to counter the attack and knock out Electryon with a psionic arrow and leave the two of them their on the island.


Electryon was pretty powerful. Being and eternal meant he had access to advance technology and to some he built himself. He also had the power to fire energy blasts at his opponent. He was also had the normal abilities as the average Eternal including immortality, illusion casting super strength, invulnerability although not able to take a psionic arrow from Moonstar, levitation, and lastly projecting cosmic energy. He also had a mace of his own which he made himself that fires destructive bolts of energy.

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