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The Good Old Days

The Hero Marriage of The Year
The Hero Marriage of The Year

The tough super heroine of the 60's, Helen Parr (maiden name unknown). A strong believer of the Women’s Rights movement, she believed she could do anything better than a man could. She proved this on many occasions while on the a team of super heroes. Elastigirl was one of the "supers" who worked during the 60's but after marrying Robert Parr, the world began to turn on the supers suing them. The government offered them away out and gave them new new jobs in a different town, the only thing they had to do was not use their powers.

The Comeback

Super Mother
Super Mother

While vacuuming the hallway she came across the room that her husband had been spending much more time in. When she went in she discovered that his old super suit had a tear, but was stitched up. Knowing her husband would only trust Edna Mode-one time costume designer of the supers- she went up to her house. When she got there Edna was waiting for her. When Helen asked her why she had repaired her husbands suit, she digressed and began showing all the new super suits that she had make for her and her children. While having a conversation, Edna made a point to say that all of the suits had been installed with a tracking device.

When she got back home she told the kids that she was going on a trip. Packing her suitcase, the children saw the costumes, Dash ran in and grabbed his and Violets. She called a special request jet, because she realized that Robert (her husband) was on an island. In the plane, as she approached the island, she began to request landing permission. Not knowing that it was a trap set by Syndrome. He sent out two missiles. As she pleaded for home base to recall the attack, and saying that there were children aboard, she told her daughter Violet to put a force field around them. As she could not do so in time, Helen acted as a mother and jumped for her children, right before the missiles hit.

When they landed in the ocean unharmed, she formed her body into a boat, with her son Dash at the propeller.

At the shore she found a cave for all of them to stay in. When they were in the cave she explained that she was going to look for Robert, and if anyone attacked them while she was gone, they were to defend themselves.

Syndrome Captures Mr. Incredible
Syndrome Captures Mr. Incredible

When she found Syndromes base, she began to look around. Walking down the hall she was attacked by guards and had to fight them all. Showing a great mastery of her powers-trapped between two doors and still being able to move and utilize part of her body-she gained access to the interior grounds. Finally when she came across her husband hugging an unknown woman (Mirage) she punched her out, but he responds with a hug. As they both run down the hall, they argue about why he didn't just tell her that he lost his job. When they found their children, they were all trapped by Syndrome who put them all in captivity. Violet was able to use her power to free them all, and they started their race against the clock to save the city from Syndromes Omnidroid 3000.

They found a jet with the aid of Mirage, and flew to the city where it was to attack. Again showing great mastery, Elastigirl used her body to carry a RV, while suspended in mid-air. As they landed, she and her husband argued again about which exit to take. When they reached the site where the Omnidroid was destroying the city, Mr. Incredible said it was to dangerous for them all, but she stuck by his side to fight for the city. Using her arm like a sling-shot she use a manhole cover to take out the robots laser. After defeating the robot, they returned home to find Syndrome kidnapping her baby Jack-Jack. As Syndrome flew up to his ship, Jack-Jack first used his powers, shifting into various different forms, forcing the super-villain to drop him. Syndrome was sucked into a plane propeller. She advised her husband to throw her like a spear at her baby. Catching him and forming her body into a parachute, she was able to save him.

Powers and Abilities

Helen Parr also known as Elastigirl, is able to stretch and contort her body up to 30ft. While stretched out she is able to control the movements of each limb. She is also a very skilled hand to hand combatant, and is skilled in weaponry.


The Incredible s
The Incredible s

Robert Parr-husband,

Violet Parr-daughter,

Dashall Parr- oldest son,

Jack Jack Parr- baby son

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